NSX Type S (Zero)

Along with the engine displacement increase in 1997, Japan exclusively received the NSX type S (NSX-S) and NSX type S Zero (NSX-S-Zero), weighing in at 1,320 kg (2,900 lb) and 1,280 kg (2,800 lb) respectively. Both had a stiffer suspension than the normal NSX. S-Zero was developed in a track day car that could be driven so that it had a 3.2L engine, rather than just 3.0L. 

Unlike the standard Type S, the S-Zero does not offer Air Conditioning, navigation, and stereo system as an option. The suspension is stiffer than the standard Type S by using the NA1 Type R (1992 to 1995) suspension but retaining the Type S’s larger rear sway bar. Changes were also made to the interior’s manual transmission boot shifter, replacing the original material from leather to mesh.

The original press release (click to enlarge):

In 2002 the type S was facelifted.  The second iteration NSX-S, sold exclusively in Japan like other sports NSXs, continues with the face-lifted NSX keeping the weight at 1,320 kg (2,900 lb). Some pictures of one that recently came up for sale in Japan:

Last but not least a nice video about the type S by Best motoring.

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