NSX Club Europe Tour 2019

Our Dreams Come True, The NSX Story...The NSX Club Europe Tour 2019, we know expectations are high after our 1 year "holiday". Both Dimer, Jeroen and myself try to put together a "new" program every year. However it's extremely difficult to find hotels that...

NSX Club Europe Tour 2015

After countless hours of researching options, discussing venue’s, calculating costs we’ve come up with a provisional 3 or 4 day program for the 2015 NSX Club Europe Tour.

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NSX Club Europe Picture Contest

On the NSX Club Europe Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NSXClubEurope we try to bring you the hottest NSX’s on the planet every single day of the year.

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NSX Fiesta Europe

Finally! We have got a date and location for the biggest NSX meeting/event in European history, NSX Fiesta Europe!

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New NSX intake system

Recently i’ve been exploring which intake systems are available for the Honda NSX. I’ve come to the conclusion that many systems have become discontinued.

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