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Cookies and “electronic trail”

When you are on the Internet, an “electronic trail” will show where you have been. A cookie is a text file that is stored temporarily on your hard disk and it may contain text and numbers, e.g. dates. Cookies are not programs and do not contain harmful code. Cookies enable a website to store specific data on your computer. This way the website is able to recognise your computer and ’remember’ your preferences when you return. Ordinary cookies stored from the website are typically stored from the address displayed in the browser address bar. But a website may also contain data retrieved from addresses other than the one displayed in the browser address bar, including search functions and analysis tools as well as ordinary content. In this way cookies from other addresses, also known as “third-party cookies”, can be stored via the website you visit. “Session cookies” are only stored during one browser session (i.e. they are deleted as soon as you leave the website), while others are stored for a specified period of time and not deleted until they expire (“persistent cookies”).

Cookies on NSX Club Europe’s website?

Session cookies are used to recognise you when you are surfing NSX Club Europe’s website. These cookies are necessary to enable the system to remember whether you are logged in to various parts of the website. Session cookies are only saved for the duration of the individual visit. In addition, NSX Club Europe uses the SiteCatalyst analysis tool to analyse the use of the website, including information about users’ browser version, screen resolution, etc. If you accept the use of cookies by clicking the “Accept cookies” link at the top of the page, SiteCatalyst will use persistent cookies to remember whether you have visited this website before. If the “accept cookies” link is not visible on the page then an accept has already been registered in your browser.

How can I block the use of cookies on the website?

All browsers have settings that allow you to block websites from storing cookies on your computer.


How can I delete cookies?

This is also done via your browser settings. Below are links til guidelines on how to delete or block cookies on the most commonly used browsers”: Internet Explorer: Mozilla Firefox: Google Chrome: Apple Safari:

Ordering publications

If you subscribe to one or more publications, the information about your name, address, etc. is registered by NSX Club Europe. The data is not passed on. If you cancel your subscription, the data is deleted immediately.

Copyright and disclaimer

NSX Club Europe holds the right to the domain and the copyright to the contents thereof under copyright legislation unless otherwise expressly stated in specific situations. This copyright comprises all material published on the website, regardless of whether such material may subsequently be deleted or changed. NSX Club Europe assumes no liability for any loss or damage as a consequence of the published material on this website or its use by third parties, regardless of whether this is due to errors in or the inappropriateness of the material, or for other reasons. It is permitted to copy material from this website free of charge – either electronically or in hardcopy – provided that NSX Club Europe is stated expressly as the source. It is not permitted to amend or distort the contents of the material. Please note, however, the special rules concerning reproduction of banknotes and prohibition of counterfeiting. It is permitted to create links – including deep links – to this website provided that the link is directly to NSX Club Europe’s address where NSX Club Europe’s entire web environment is retained. Such links may not be used for advertising or similar purposes.

Technical facilities and browser compatibility

The websites are intended to be easy to read for screen setups with minimum 1024 points resolution. Minimum 16 bit colours are recommended. The website is optimised for the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer minimum version 9.0 and can be used with FireFox minimum version 2.x.

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