About NSX-CE

The NSX Club Europe is a community which has a goal to unite all NSX drivers on the continent of Europe. The idea came along when chatting to some fellow enthusiasts. Cause at the moment it seems there is no platform that actually unites NSX Owners across Europe.

There are some great initiatives like www.nsxcb.co.uk and the German www.hondaboard.de, but owners from ie. Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece etc. etc. where spread across forums. The biggest NSX community www.NSXprime.com is mainly US oriented and has the largest group of users. But we had a think and thought why not set up a website with a discussion board for European owners. Well here it is 🙂 .

Big thanks to Jackey @ www.melisgs.nl for helping us build the website and install the forum! Please note that the forum, facebook page nor the website are there to compete with other forums or clubs, we are happy to work together with clubs worldwide encouraging the engagement of NSX owners globally.

From left to right: Dimer van Santen, Mr. Hirofumi Tomiyoshi1 and Bas van Melis

Be sure to like our facebook page: www.facebook.com/NSXClubEurope. Bookmark the main website: nsxclubeurope.com. Questions or remarks please send a message using the contact page.

  1. Chairman of the NSX Club of Japan

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