NSX-CE DRIVE – Cancelled due to Covid-19

by Jan 23, 2020

“Rediscover the fun of driving”

I seemingly browse Yahoo Japan Auctions (YJA) and auction sites with the frequency and regularity of a crack addict and their dealer. Packages from Japan are no surprise to my wife or our mail carriers. Nary a week goes by when we do not receive some sort of exquisitely packaged item from a Japanese buying service. Considering my frequent perusal of YJA, very few auction items surprise. One surprising instance was discovering a book about our beloved NSX titled The NSX Story: Our Dreams Come True.

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09.00-10.00: Starting point at  Karting Eupen includes a light breakfast (1 croissant + 1 pain au chocolat + warm beverages and juices).
10.00-10.10: Briefing
10.30-12.30: NSX-CE Drive part 1
12.30-13.30: Lunch at restaurant Nideggen.
13.30-15.30: NSX-CE Drive part 2
16.00: End of the drive, time to catch up while enjoying some coffee and a wafel or pancake at Le lac de la Gileppe

– Roadbook
– Navigation via App (Android and IOS)
– Breakfast, Lunch and the 4 o’clock snack
– 30th Anniversary keychain
– Thousand smiles per gallon of fuel
– Enjoying what the NSX is made for #Getoutanddrive

Car + Driver:  € 99,00
Car + Driver + Co Driver: € 189,00

Travelling from abroad? 
For those travelling from abroad we van recommend the following hotels in the area:

Hotel Ibis Liège Seraing
R-Hotel Remouchamps
Van De Valk Verviers
MY Hotel Malmedy
Hotel La Source Spa Francorchamps
Silva Hotel Spa Balmoral

Want to enjoy an extra day of motorsport action? The Spa Classic is held at Circuit Spa Francorchamps, Sunday tickets can be ordered here.

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