NSX-CE Tour 2016 Day 3

by Jun 12, 2016

“Day 3 of the NSX-Ce Tour 2016. When we travel, we travel in style.”

Day 3, already the last day of this years NSX-CE Tour. Everyone was up for breakfast bright and early as we where leaving for Spa at 08:30. Some where fitter then others as the night before they where preparing the breakfast buffet before we went off to bed. After check out it was time to line up all the cars. Traveling with almost 50 NSX’s always feels special when you look in the rearview mirror! 

The final day started with an impressive line up of all the cars driving out the Legere parking garage. The wolfpack was lead by the NSX 2.0 driven by Honda’s test driver Mario Monza. Dimer was the lucky guy to co-drive the car to Spa. On the motorway Jeroen and Jone of JKO photography where taking car of the “rolling shots”. As video’s and pictures say more then words i’ll just shut up! 

On the way we where lucky enough to encounter some tunnels, most of us turn in to 13 year olds as soon as we see one, open up the windows and……

Meanwhile Jone was nice and comfy in the back of the BMW estate taking pictures…. One big advantage of the tight space, he couldn’t fall out even if he tried LoL. But it provided us with some great shots!  Be sure to check and like his FB page by clicking here! 

Ok Ok one more tunnel video, courtesy of the lovely Catherine Clark.

We finally arrived where Peter Auto (organizers of the Spa Classic) had arranged an amazing spot in the La Source corner. Seeing all the NSX’s lined up was amazing, after a bit of a delay it was time to hit the track, this year we had a whopping 27 cars on track in the sport session. Driving the NSX up Eau Rouge Raidillon is quite nerve wreaking the first time. We where very lucky having a dry lap as in the “out lap” the first drops of rain started to fall. Martin Willis was kind enough to make some pictures of everybody on track! Thanks Martin (but be sure to join us on track again next year!) 

The rest of the day we enjoyed the Spa Classic event, including some group C monsters that hit the track. Seeing those cars attack the track is amazing, the sound is heavenly and they drive their “million dollar cars” like they stole them, fighting for every centimeter of asphalt. As the late great Ayrton Senna once said “I am not designed to come second or third. I am designed to win.” 

It was an absolutely amazing weekend, speaking on behalf of the organization we had a pretty smooth weekend. The weather gods weren’t always on our side but most of the rain fell when we where either inside or driving to the venues. After a weekend like this it always takes some time to get back to reality, last Saturday i took the NSX out for a spin but i was missing the 50 car wolf pack. We would like to thank everybody that joined this year, we have already started planning for the 2017 NSX-CE tour which is already our 5th anniversary. Be sure to check the website on a regular basis for updates on the 2017 event!  

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