NSX-CE Tour 2016 Day 2

by Jun 5, 2016

“Anybody who says he loves the Nurburgring, it’s because he hasn’t driven it fast enough, Niki Lauda” 

After a great first day it was time to put on the driving shoes. After countless of hours scouting, we’ve put together a driving route that had  long winding roads, twisty mountain roads and last but not least amazing views. In previous years we’ve encountered some navigation issues, but those where all solved with the pre-loaded sat nav units Ignition provided. (Thanks again Rob). 

At 08:30 (yes that early) the first group was ready to leave, the Sat Nav was installed and off we went. Having driven the route before I closed the group and made sure there where no sudden changes (roadworks etc etc.). The photography team (Arnaud, Dimer, Jeroen and Jone) left early to secure a good spot. We planned a 3 hour route from the Legere Hotel to the Ring Garage, a true petrolhead paradise located 5 minutes from the Nurburgring. 

Meanwhile at the Ring Garage preparations were in full swing. Half way through the route we took a shortcut, so we could welcome the attendees and arrange the parking. Erik and Mark were preparing lunch, Misha was prepping the parking lot and Erno Sloot of the Sloot Autogroep was preparing his car-clean demonstration. Unfortunately the demo vehicle was a bit late (no coffee stops next time Gerard ;-)). Some video footage of the drive towards the Ring Garage;

After a somewhat “healthy” lunch people had some free time at the ring, some went for a drive on the roads surrounding the Ring. Others went to watch the VLN, and some wanted to do a (first for some) lap of the Nurburgring. Joe decided to loose his Ring virginity and take his wide body NSX out for a “spin”, both literally and figuratively we learned after seeing his onboard video made by “future sports commentator” Clive Pluckrose. Clive, be sure to work on those steady shot skills will you :-). 

When we arrived back at the hotel this years “surprise guest” was waiting. This year Honda Europe came through and arranged for the 2nd generation NSX to join the action. There she was in all her glory, parked in the Legere parking garage. It was the 3rd time for me seeing one in the flesh and the first time seeing one in white. JAW DROPPING! Social media was exploding, everyone was posting selfies. Being the organizer has some perks and Mario came down to the garage so we could have a sit in the driver seat! 

Big thanks go out to both Jason, Nik and Mario at Honda Europe for supporting us with this great surprise! 

At 20:00 it was time for Dinner, the Legere hotel had yet again outdone themselves by serving a great meal. After some drinks it was time for the yearly Guru Quiz. The tension was rising, both Adnan and Maarten (winners in the 2 previous editions) where there as well. 

After the first 15 questions we had 2 people that had 11 correct answers. Michael Clark and Clive Pluckrose came forward to attend the Tie Break questions. It took us 3 questions to determine the winner. Clive took home the prize this year and now has the bragging rights to call himself the 2016 NSX-CE Guru. This years prizes and thank you plaques were made by Black Art Graphics, Dan did an amazing job and did some overtime getting them ready in time for this years tour. 

Dessert was served and it was time to take out those wallets and bid for charity! This year we had quite a few amazing items, being:

– Legere stay, won by Joop Haring for the amount of € 150,00
– Black horse Cleaning kit, won by Kye Prigg for the amount of  € 80,00
– ASM Hose kit, won by Marcel Mastenbroek for the amount of  € 300,00 
– NSXCA Driver magazine set, won by Maarten for the amount of € 170,00
– NSXCA Driver magazine set, won by Gary Hill for the amount of € 170,00 
– Mclaren Honda F1 Backpack (filled) won by  Gerard for the amount of € 35,00
– Black Art Graphics NA1R plaque, won by Kye Prigg for the amount of € 475,00
– Taitec intake, won by Frank van Ooijen for the amount of € 175,00
– Gearknob red stitching, won by Marcel Mastenbroek for the amount of € 50,00
– Gearknob black aka Kye’s knob ;-), won by Michael Clark for the amount of € 70,00
– Black Art Graphics NA2R plaque, Anthony Dixon for the amount of € 300,00
– Arnaud Taquet Hero Photoshoot, won by Rogier for the amount of € 300,00
– 1 day test drive in the 2nd generation Honda NSX, won by Michael Clark for the amount of € 1200,00

This years grand total is € 3475,00, we are rounding this off to € 3500,00. We cannot thank the bidders enough for being part of the auction and hope the bidding and the items will be as nice next year! Last but not least we would like to thank:

Legere Hotel Luxemburg (Sabine Walther) 
Sloot Auto Groep
As Motorsport
– NSX Club of America (Donald Lebentritt)
Van Nieuwkerk Honda (Rebecca van Nieuwkerk) 
Black Art Graphics 
– Kye Prigg
Arnaud Taquet
– Honda Europe

Who have donated the items, this years proceeds go to the Against Cancer Foundation. The volunteers of the Against Cancer foundation are working day and night to help children with cancer in their fight against cancer. Rene will be giving these kids an unforgettable day by driving them around Assen circuit. Rene Bierens is joining on behalf of NSX-CE, he’s currently number one with the highest sponsored amount. If you would like to donate feel free to click here.  The other charity we are supporting is the Royal Marsden Cancer charity, the donations have been made and we are extremely proud that we can help these great causes by organizing the auction. 

Rogier who won the Hero shoot by Arnaud Taquet has sent us the result, breathtaking shot! 

We can’t wait to hear Michaels full report after he has driven the 2nd generation NSX for a full day in and around Frankfurt. I bet it’s going to be an amazing experience to be one of the first Europeans to drive the new NSX. 

Some more pictures of day 2 can be found below in the gallery. 

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