NSX-CE Tour 2016 Day 1

by May 26, 2016

“If you no longer go for a gap that exists you are no longer a racing driver, Ayrton Senna”

A weekend to never forget, thats the best way to describe this years tour if we may say so ourselves. It was a fun filled weekend sharing each others passion throughout the days. The first day started with an action packed 2 hour Endurance kart race. In the days towards the NSX-CE Tour the “Weather App” on our phone made overtime, we’re not the superstitious type but the weather could go either way. Luckily when we woke up at the Legere the sun was shining and the sky’s were blue. 

At 10:30 people started to arrive at Piste de Karting Lommerange located in the north of France. Being in a slightly remote area you could hear the cars arriving. A true mechanical symphony, once parked it was time to exchange story’s of te drive over and meet both old and new faces. With a constant eye on the weather app we decided it was smart to go-kart first and have lunch afterwards. The staff was preparing the karts and you could see the competitive spirit rising. As the late Ayrton Senna once said: When you are fitted in a racing car and you race to win, second or third place is not enough. It was time to qualify, teams where made and the first pilots got in the (Honda) go-karts. 

Once everybody had done a qualifying lap it was time to race. The grid was formed with the starting drivers. Tactics where discussed on how to make driver changes, when would the best moment to come into the pit? Whats the opposition doing? What the average lap time etc. etc. It was an F1 like atmosphere, the battles where fierce but fair. Late braking, ducking to gain a few more kph’s on the straight good times! 

Meanwhile the rotisserie was turning to get the lunch ready, unfortunately bad weather was coming in. The sky was turning grey and eventually even black. But that didn’t affect the battles on track, drivers where getting into their rain suits and waiving for a driver change. What started with a few drops soon turned into pouring rain, the men where separated from the boys and the ladies from the girls. Unfortunately the red flag came out and drivers where summoned into the pit. 

The only advantage of the weather turning is the great shots Arnaud made just before it started raining.

After the Kart session it was time to announce the winners, whilst enjoying a nicely prepared lunch the medals where given. Below you can find the results unfortunately it was not completely clear who was with what team and we even believe some driver transfers took place during the 2 hour race, A bit like Max Verstappen being exchanged for Daniil Kyat mid season. Like we said before a true F1 atmosphere.

After a scenic drive back to the hotel it was time to check into the hotel. The welcome packages where given out, while some owners where detailing their car, some went for a quick snooze, but the bar was the most popular option. At 19:00 everybody enjoyed some drinks and finger food during the Cocktail Party followed by a well prepared BBQ dinner. Then it was off to bed as next morning the navigated drive to the Nurburgring ment getting up early (for some).

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