NSXmobilia Top 10, Honda Access Crystal NSX

by May 4, 2016

The Honda Access Crystal NSX is an icon within the NSX memorabilia community. For good reason, it is likely the most coveted piece of memorabilia among NSX enthusiasts and owners alike. Though the actual number of units produced is debatable (anecdotal information purports 350 were made) their beauty is not. It is simple and unembellished in design and execution, which may be a significant part of its seemingly inherent attractiveness.

The most remarkable aspect of the Crystal NSX is its translucent manufacture, which lends the 1/18 scale model an undeniable elegance and sense of gravitas. Though named after the material crystal, it is unknown if that is the actual material it is made out of. Crystal or glass, it is no mater as the intent is the same and it does not deter from, or add to, the model’s desireability. In keeping with the motto of less is more, the model has only two identifying H, for Honda, symbols that are etched into of the each end of the model. Denoting its Japanese origin, the interior of the model is molded from the bottom and shows two seats with a steering wheel on the right hand side. The five spoke wheels are easily perceived, as are the right and left side intakes. The front and rear bumpers are surprisingly detailed and well proportioned. This provides an interesting dichotomy, as the rest of the car is decidedly 1/18th scale in general idea only. The model’s roofline seems too bulbous, the front end seems just a tad too short, the rear too high, and the bottom too hollow. However, no one should be overly concerned because the car is unmistakably an early Honda NSX and a beautifully made model.

With a part number of 08Z30-SL0-000, the Honda Access Crystal Model was originally offered at a price of 47,000 yen, or around $400 USD depending on currency exchange rate. For that price, purchasers received a Honda Access white outer carton that includes the part number and other identifying information, black case with gold H and NSX nomenclature, light blue flannel cloth, information card, and the model itself. The packaging is simple, elegant, and understated – a fine representation of the model itself.

Production dates are largely unknown though it can be argued that because it was offered by Honda Access, the accessory arm of Honda Japan, and the relative scarcity of its existence, that the model enjoyed a short production run. Should additional information about production dates and quantity become available, they will be included here. 

Current market prices range from the best-preserved examples with full packaging at $2,000 USD down to $700 for the less well conserved. However, any collectible is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it and any transaction should consider premium or discounts based on that dynamic and market conditions. That said, considering the limited quantity available and the model’s obvious appealing aesthetic, the Crystal NSX will likely remain the most sought-after piece of NSXmobilia for quite some time. If you have one in your collection, consider yourself very fortunate. If you do not have one, consider yourself in a multitude of good company.

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