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by Feb 24, 2015

Four Country’s, Three Race tracks,  One Epic journey

We are happy to announce that we have finalized the NSX Club Europe Tour 2015, during this tour we will be celebrating the 25 anniversary of the NSX. We have 30 spots available for the tour, Registration closes on the 15th of march 2015. Payment due latest 1st of april 2015 (not joking). 

The program;

Friday 5th of June

We start the day at the famous Hockenheimring for an insider’s tour. The guide will take us on a tour of discovery into the world of international motor racing. This is a great opportunity to take a unique look behind the scenes and be inspired by a host of anecdotes about the Hockenheimring. We might even do a lap with our NSXs on the Hockenheimring itself!

After the tour we will drive to our hotel, via a scenic route, where everybody has the time to check in and relax before we have dinner.



Saturday 6th of June; 

Rise and shine! Today will be a full day of driving pleasure.  We will take on one of the most breathtaking roads of Europe: Route 500, also known as the Hochstrasse. The Schwarzwald Hochstrasse is one of the most beautiful elevated sections of highway in the Black Forest region. The initial stretch is fast, smooth and sweeping, with fantastic views on either side.

We will continue our tour through France to our second location: Mulhouse. In Muhouse you will have the option to visit the famous car museum; City de L’automobile.  In the evening we will have dinner and spend the night in Mulhouse.



Sunday 7th of June; 

The highlight of last year was the Spa Classic, so we decided to do something similar this year:  Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or at Dijon Prenoix, where racecars from the 60’s will go head to head. From Ferrari 250 GT’s to Formula cars. As the Honda NSX is on theHappy Few List we will try and arrange a similar spot as last year. For the track rats there will be three track sessions, 20 minutes each, on this historic race track.  After the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or we will drive to Luxemburg to have dinner and stay the night.





Monday 8th of June (option 1):

To end the weekend, we will do a tour through the beautiful mountains and hills of Belgium in the Ardennes Forrest. To us petrol heads, the Ardennes are most famous for Spa Francorchamps. Imagine roads like the circuit of Spa, but then for hundreds of kilometers. Luckily we have an Ardennes expert in our team who will guide us through some breathtaking roads and sceneries. We will end the day at the Spa Francorchamps track to enjoy the fellow tour members who have booked a (full of half day) trackday. 



Monday 8th of June (option 2):

To end the weekend, we are very happy to announce that we have the option of booking a Spa Francorchamps trackday. The trackday will be organized by the NSX and Honda sportscar club. (in cooperation with the Porsche Club Spa Francorchamps) you can book a full or half day session. 



This years tour will be covered by; http://www.dennisnoten.com/ who will be offering “high res prints, prints on canvas, photo books etc. etc.” after the tour. 

Available Packages;

  1. 1 car + driver, Package includes; Hotel, Breakfast, Dinner, Entry fee’s (Hockenheim / Dijon), gift package. € 499,00 
  2. 1 car + driver + co driver, Package includes; Hotel, Breakfast, Dinner, Entry fee’s (Hockenheim / Dijon), gift package. € 699,00 
  3. Business package, 1 car + driver + co driver, Package includes; Hotel, Breakfast, Dinner, Entry fee’s (Hockenheim / Dijon), gift package and a unique way to promote your company during the tour. We will discuss promotion posibility’s over email.  € 999,00 + VAT (or VAT free when outside the Netherlands and have a valid VAT number). The package will be invoiced as “sponsorship package NSX Club Europe” 

Optional extra’s; 

  1. Cité de l’Automobile; € 14,50
  2. Tracktime at Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or at Dijon Prenoix; € 70,00 per session
  3. Spa Francorchamps trackday; € 300,00 half day / € 600,00 full day


Now fully booked! 

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